Portable Far Infrared Heaters

Suitable for all areas - no smell, no fumes, no smoke, economical and efficient!

Portable Far Infrared Heaters

The infrared heater with a fuel burner is economic and cost-efficient. It is a very effective revolutionary heating device. The diesel-powered heating device consumes only 50W of electricity to keep the burner operating, and the smallest model, consumes a maximum of 1 L of diesel fuel per hour. The heaters are suitable for use in indoor as well as outdoor conditions without the need for a separate flue tube. Unlike traditional fan heaters, infrared heat spreads evenly in all directions and feels pleasant even when standing next to the heater. The heater has durable wheels which make it easy to move around.

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About the factory

Factory is founded in Seoul 1988 and is specialized to heating products for 30 years. The company is establishing trust in quality of products by continuos research and development. 
Together with our factory engineers, we have developed products that work well and are reliable in the Nordic climate. The heaters are highly valued by consumers. The heaters are tested and safe and meet the European Union CE requirements.